Director of Information Technology*

Full-time (40-hours/week) position under the general direction of the Chief Operating Officer.  Responsible for ensuring the effective installation, operation, maintenance, availability and performance of the Agency's database, network and communications infrastructure, hardware and software, ensuring the effectiveness of the Agency's overall information security architecture and implementation, and providing day-to-day supervision of the Information Technology functions to help programs and departments achieve goals through IT solutions.

Position responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

-Ensuring the effective installation, operation, maintenance, availability, scalability, and performance of the Agency's infrastructure including: databases, application servers, information systems, network and communications hardware, various hardware and software, etc.

-Strengthening the Agency's overall information security architecture and implementing new security best practices.

-Providing day-to-day supervision of the Information Technology and Data Architecture departments to help programs and business units achieve goals through IT solutions.

1. Lead, design, and manage the development and scalability of the company's system infrastructure (including storage, network, servers, telecommunications, etc.) to meet existing and future requirements that satisfy HIPAA compliance in addition to end user functionality.

2. Develop, improve and standardize the Systems Development Life-cycle (SDLC) for faster delivery of robust systems to stakeholders.

3. Improve testing environments and implement a continuous integration pipeline into the SDLC for automated code deployments and system defect identification

4. Ensure effective and accurate data integration with Agency data systems such as our Electronic Health Record System, Human Resources Management System, Financial and Fundraising systems

5. Sets department standards and goals that are measurable in terms of improved productivity, expense control, service level agreements, and operating efficiency, while also directly leading and supervising:

a. Systems development

b. Server maintenance (all locations)

c. Network access (LAN, , intranet, and external)

d. Inventory of hardware and software

e. Repairs and upgrades (cleaning unauthorized software, viruses, malware and installing authorized software)

f. Installation of computer, networking and telecommunications equipment at all facilities

g. Support access and proper functioning of our organizational wide databases including, but not limited to Electronic Health Records (EHR), Human Resources Management System (HRMS), Helpdesk and Financial systems.

h. Training for all employees relating to computer hardware and software policies, procedures and practices.

Conduct system evaluation to identify areas of improvement, business continuity, and better system availability to meet organizational needs.

6. Identifies needs for hardware and software, sources, negotiates costs and purchases servers, laptops, desktops, infrastructure such as cabling and routers, etc. ensures best price commensurate with quality and need.

7. Collaborates with other departments for system training and onboarding in addition to system improvement through user acceptance testing.

8. Represents Five Acres at DMH and ACHSA meetings to ensure the Agency maximizes the resources available and ensure compliance with related regulations and standards.

9. Develops, implements and monitors Information Technology policies and controls to ensure data accuracy, security and contractual compliance.

10. Recommends and/or implements hardware/software solutions that supports Agency objectives; manages inventory and assesses, approves and coordinates the installation and implementation of hardware and software across the Agency.

11. Manages and participates in the development, maintenance and testing of the Agency's Disaster Recovery solution to ensure the continuity of business in the event of a disaster.

12. Supervises the process and procedure for the scheduling, backup, storage and retrieval functions.

13. Participates with operations management to oversee telecommunications systems software and technologies; researches and evaluates the capabilities and costs of new and available telecommunications technologies.

14. Develops training and performance opportunities for the information technology staff that will attain the highest level of performance possible consistent with the Agency's needs.

15. Performs supervisory duties including staffing, mentoring technical staff, assigning and monitoring progress of assignments, maximizing performance, conducting performance and salary reviews.

16. Maintains and extends strong and positive relationships with internal customers.

17. Incorporates Agency philosophy and mission in all aspects of job description.

18. Chairs, attends and participates in a variety of meetings relative to technology and other committee meetings as appropriate.

19. Receives feedback with commitment to on-going refinement and professional growth.

20. Serves as the HIPAA Security Officer to ensure maintenance of confidentiality regarding children and families throughout the Agency.

21. Exercises good judgment in the performance of duties and responsibilities.


The individual in this position may operate any or all of the following:

  • Telephone, cellular telephone /fax
  • Computer, server, printer and related equipment
  • Copy machine

Computer software may include any or all of the following:

1. SQL Server (version 2008/ 2014/ 2017)

a. SSMS – SQL server Management Studio

b. SSRS – SQL server Reporting Services

c. SSAS – SQL server Analysis Services

d. SSIS – SQL server Integration Services

2. Visual Studio (version 2010/ 2015)

a. Backend – developing reports

b. Frontend – developing forms

3. Microsoft Office

a. Outlook

b. Word

c. Excel

d. Notepad

e. Power point

4. Adobe

a. Acrobat Reader DC – for PDF read

b. Acrobat X pro – for PDF edits

5. Windows Administrative Tools

e. ADUC – Active Directory Users & Computers

f. ADSS – Active Directory Sites & Services

g. RDP – Remote Desktop Protocol

h. CMD – Command Prompt

6. Microsoft Exchange Server (2010/O365 Hybrid)

c. EMC – Exchange Management Console

d. EMS – Exchange Management Shell

e. O365 Admin Center

7. Other Tools

c. VNC – Virtual Network Computing

d. Solarwind – WHD (Web Help Desk)

e. IBM MaaS360 – MDM  (Mobile Device Mananger)

f. ShoreTel – ShoreTel Director

g. Datis – e3

h. WunderList –

8. Browser

a. Google Chrome

b. Internet Explorer


These specifications are general guidelines based on the minimum experience normally considered essential to the satisfactory performance of this job.  Individual abilities may result in some deviation from these guidelines.

To perform effectively in this position, the incumbent must have:

  • Bachelor's Degree, preferably in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Information Systems or related field.  (Master's Degree preferred)
  • Strong understanding and technical knowledge of current network and PC operating systems, hardware, protocols and standards. Working knowledge of relational database structure and design.
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft server and workstation platforms.
  • Knowledge of Cisco and other firewall technologies.
  • Knowledge of general business operations including business theory, business processes, management and budgeting.
  • Extensive knowledge of technology trends and how to apply new infrastructure technologies.
  • Demonstrated experience with electronic clinical records in a mental health environment.
  • Knowledge of data privacy and laws (e.g. HIPAA) and ability to identify and resolve security, reliability and efficiency problems.
  • Skills to plan and manage technology inventory and replacement schedules.
  • Supervisory skills to effectively manage a staff of three to five at separate locations.
  • Ability to participate in strategic planning activities to lead Agency through continued technological development that is cost effective and protective of the Agency's operational interests.
  • Demonstrated project management and time management skills to identify, set and meet priority deadlines.
  • Excellent, oral, written and presentation skills including ability to translate complex technical information for non-technical staff. 
  • Ability to be flexible and work in a changing environment
  • Ability to be on call for emergencies
  • Sensitivity to the different cultures represented among the clients and staff
  • Knowledge of emergency procedures of the Agency
  • Ability to model positive behaviors and Agency values
  • Ability to work effectively as part of a team
  • Strong problem solving skills

Typically, these skills result from an undergraduate degree in the field of information technology, computer science, business administration or equivalent work experience and five or more years' related work experience including at least two years' experience successfully managing IT operations.

The incumbent must be able to perform this job safely, without endangering the health or safety of him/herself or others

Location: Pasadena, CA