Facilitator - Non-Exempt

FACILITATOR (Bilingual Spanish Preferred)

Full-time (40-hours/week) position responsible for providing: Leadership to the Child and Family Team to ensure clients receive appropriate case management and advocacy service in accordance with identified needs. Case management, counseling and advocacy services to assigned clients

Position responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Provides therapeutic services to clients and families as measured by supervision, direct observation and/or functional behavior assessments. 
  • Continually assesses the needs and symptoms of clients and families (meets medical necessity), gathering history, and determining the most appropriate method(s) of intervention (individual, family, group, supportive, outreach etc.).
  • Complies with productivity standards of the Agency and maintains an appropriate caseload to reach the budgeted daily expectation of billable hours. (refer to Productivity Policy)
  • Submits timely documentation (progress notes, assessments, treatment plans, notes to chart) as outlined in policy and measured via productivity reports (refer to Progress/Case Note Submission Policy).
  • Continually assesses client progress and modifies treatment/services via completion and submission of outcome measures.
  • Accurately documents all work with client and/or family and/or relevant persons as measured by QA standards and peer review audit results.
  • Participates in clinical/case supervision by coming prepared to discuss current caseload, documentation and productivity; accepts constructive feedback and direction; and puts feedback into clinical and or therapeutic practice with clients.
  • Establishes and maintains rapport and effective working relationships with child(ren), families, and community; works effectively within the Agency and community at large.
  • Advocating and/or ensuring accompaniment for clients (court, medical, mediation, medication, and visitations) with the goal to ensure satisfactory placement of a child in a safe, permanent, and stable home setting.

Position requirements include, but are not limited to:

  • Bachelor's degree in a behavioral science and a minimum of four years' experience in a social service setting, required.
  • MA or MSW degree and registration with the California Board of Behavioral Sciences (BBS) to be license eligible as a LCSW or MFT, preferred.
  • Bilingual Spanish Preferred
  • Substantive experience working with seriously emotionally disturbed children and adolescents and their families including crisis management.
  • Experience in engaging parents as partners and ability to work successfully with families with diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds.
  • Effective helping relationships with the ethnic and cultural groups served by the program
  • Working knowledge of the family patterns, child-rearing practices, special needs, traditions and values of the ethnic and cultural groups served by the program
Location: West Covina, CA